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2017 The Space73 -Memory of Dream_ Incheon 대안공간 듬, 인천 한국



꿈의 기억_ The Space73-Incheon

가변설치, 2000년 이후의 꿈드로잉, A4용지, 무명실, 집게, 2017

Variable Installation, dream drawings since 2000, A4 size papers, cotton thread, clothespins, 2017



Memory of Dream_A4 Paper, Materials for Drawing, Cotton Thread, Pin, Variable Installation, 2017


Title: The Memory of Dream

Place: Alternative Space Dum

1342-36, Juan 7 Dong, Namgu, Incheon


Duration: Fri, 6th of January, 2017 – 22nd (Closed on monday: 1pm-9pm)

Opening: 7pm, 6th of January 2017


Artist note:


I almost dream every night.

When I meet many stories in dream, I write and draw the remained stories that have left in my memory in tired morning.

What would this action be?

Why I remember and record the dream?

The life in the dream interfere my real life, my reality interfere my dream life.

Knowing this interference, pain of knowing, what would it be?


There is always doubt about these, existing as a fragment of memory in the brain every morning, what it is, whether I can record or dig into. It is because of the fear about my vague unconscious world. But with this exhibition, I would like to face the fear and experiment the expression of the consequence.  


Not all dreams are remembered. Understandable context and stories during the sleep, in the dream world, are destroyed in the remnants of pieces in the memory as soon as awake. Some are forgotten and some are remembered. What is forgotten and why those remembered are remembered? Remembering and forgetting seems like selected by intuition not the rationality. In this exhibition, I want to experiment this process. I will import the audience in the space of my intuition and the exhibition will go on by audience’s selective memory followed by their intuition. Memory of dream is remained and discarded by my intuition, however I also don’t know what is at the center of intuition. Artist’s memory will be selected by aleatory intuition and will be proposed the next audience, the next one’s intuition will choose different memory and will be exhibited.


Exhibition Plan:

Installation Period: 27th of December 2016 – 6th of January 2017

Soonim will draw her image of dream and fly away during the installation period.


Pic up flight of the dream drawing.


Unfold them and install them yourself as you like. You may want to draw your dream on a wight paper on the table. If so, you can draw, fold flight, and fly them away.


Please make sure date and name on your drawings when you participate.

(The Memory of Dream is from Soonim's document of dream since 2000.)


Artist Introduction:

Kim Soonim has interest in the nature of various regions and the consequent stories about people. She observes, discovers and works to find local characteristics and stories in local nature and the faces of those who live in the region. She herself says that she is an artist and a Weaver. She expresses the discovered stories in various ways such as installation, sculpture, videos, photos, performances and drawings in combination with natural objects having characteristic of each region. Kim’s works are based on her residential area and evolve in a way that shows the area as they express the internal and external environment of the residential area and the stories of those who live there. She selects materials and determines a method of expression, depending on accepted stories, discovered phenomena, and local nature and environment. As she believes that an artist’s work can be finally completed only when it is expressed in behavior and response from audiences, and also when labor is harmonized with surrounding natural phenomena or environment, Kim will continue to conduct experiments to realize it.


One line about dream: 1/3 of Life which is in a strange world.



거의 매일 꿈을 꾼다

여러 이야기를 꿈속에서 만나는 날이면 피곤한 아침에 기억의 잔상에 남은 이야기를 쓴다. 그린다. 

이 행위가 과연 무엇일까? 

나는 왜 꿈을 기억하고 기록하는 것일까?

내 꿈속의 삶은 현실의 삶에 간섭하고, 내 현실의 삶은 꿈속의 삶을 간섭한다.

이 간섭을 아는 것이, 인식하는 고통이, 과연 뭘까?







꿈에대한 한 줄 생각-생의 1/3의 낮선세계에서의 삶






매일 아침 기억의 파편으로 뇌 속에 존재하는 이것들을 기록하여도, 이것이 무엇인지, 이것을 파도 되는 것인지에 대한 의문은 항상 있다. 뚜렷하지 않은 내 무의식의 세계에 대한 두려움이 있기 때문이다. 하지만 이 전시를 계기로 그 두려움에 도전하고, 그 현상의 표현을 실험하려 한다. 꿈은 모두 기억되지 않는다. 잠 속에서 꿈의 세계에 들어있을때는 모두 이해되던 맥락과 스토리가 잠에서 깨는 순간 기억은 파편으로 남아 남은 파편의 잔재속에서 맥락이 파괴된다. 어떤것은 잊혀지고 또 어떤 것은 기억된다. 잊혀지는 것은 무엇이고, 기억되는 것은 왜 기억될까? 기억되는 것과 잊혀지는 것이 이성이 아닌 직관에 의해 선정되는 것 같다. 본 전시에서 나는 이 과정을 실험하려 한다. 나의 직관의 자리에 관객을 이입시켜 관객의 직관에 의해 선택되고 버려지는 기억으로 전시를 진행하려 한다. 꿈 의 기억은 나의 직관에 의해 기억되고 버려지지만, 그 중심의 직관 또한 나는 무엇인지 모른다. 해서 작가가 개입되지 않은 보편(?) 직관에 의해, 작가의 기억이 선택되고, 다음 관객에게 제시되며, 그 다음 관객의 직관에 의해 다른 기억이 선택되고(기억되는 과정) 전시되는 실험이다.