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Site-specific Art

The Seat of wind ; The Space 61– Blåvandshuk2014


Kim Soonim – Note of the Project 20140824


Title : The Seat of wind ; The Space 61– Blåvandshuk2014

Work with Wind for 9 days in beach of Blavandshuk.

From 15th Aug to 24th Aug 2014

The size of work is about 15m wide circle.

 Single channel video 12’56’’ 2014


Find a point on Blavandshuk. The Point can be a empty space where is on fields of sea side that filed up sand from sea. This point is a seed of being.


First day, I was panic with wind and had no idea to work in this aria. But when I was in the beach at night with other artists and Anne, I felt I will love this aria.

Wind is so strong. I am so small.


I started to live in the point of work from morning to evening. And slowly start to read wind. Made space for wind to stay, Wind brought soft sand to the center. I took sharp shells to out


A small impression track of life is grown.


I met small tiny stones in my track. I bring them to the point where I start. Small stone tower made the point sacred.


I meet with wind in Blavandshuk. It became a small impression track of life called ‘Art Work’.

And it will disappear by wind.

Just like a life.


Many spectators ask me when I did the spade work.

‘What are you doing?’, ‘Why are you doing this?’, ‘What are you looking for?’ and ask with Danish or German or others what I do not understand.

However, the answer is only






The Seat of wind (2014) 錄像藝術 00:12:57

KIM Soonim
The Seat of wind (2014) 錄像藝術 00:12:57
I'm in seaside to occupy the corner. The first day I'm a bit overwhelming, but at night, when I have a friend, I love it here. The wind is so arrogant, but I was so humbled.
To day evening I have here, slowly beginning to understand the words of the wind, I'm off the sharp shells for wind, setting up a seat. Here after going to the middle of the road, I'll pick up some rocks, day day building stone tower to protect the location of the wind. I know one day, this stone tower will like the wind, just like life. Like the wind.