20160729 Short Bio

Kim Soonim




Soonim is a nature player and visual artist who interpret people and regions that she encounters in her life through subjective methods. Sculpture, installation, painting, performance, video recording, and site-specific art are applied to her works.


Kim Soonim(b. 1975, Punggi, Sobaek Mountain aria, South Korea) received an MFA(2007) and BFA(2002) in Sculpture from Ewha Woman’s University in Seoul.


Soonim has recently exhibited at Tokyo Sanbachow Gallery Japan, Youngeun Contemporary Art Museum South Korea, SoMA Museum Seoul Korea, Ox WareHouse Macau, Openspace Bae Busan Korea and ISCP Gallery New York US as Solo show. She invited variable project exhibition 2015 Buk Soeul Museum, 2014 Busan Moving Triennial, 2014 Wadden Tide International Land Art Exhibition Danmark, 2013 Hangzhou Fiber Art Triennial, 2010 Busan Biennale, 2009 Incheon Woman Art Biennale and 2014 Gumgang Nature Art Biennale.


She currently lives in Incheon, works in Incheon Art Platform as 7th Residency Artist and lectures Soft Sculpture in Ewha Woman’s University and Mixed Media Art in Konkuk University.


And now, she prepare out-door exhibition as solo show in Incheon Art Platform from 26th August to 30th October 2016 about ‘Landed Ocean’.