Site-specific land art, Performance

Site-specific Art

20181002 Moon on Rocek _ Moksum 2018




바위에 뜬 달/ Moon on Rock_ Moksum 2018
6:45:00 Moksum on western sea of Korea, 2018

2018.10.2 목섬 에서 1시간 반 동안 바위와 돌멩이와 사람이 만나다. 
 한시간 반 동안 바위에서 떨어져 나온 돌멩이를 들고 바위 위에 원을 그려 빛을 만든다. 다음날 물이 들어오고 달이 잠기면 사라질 잠시 동안의 빛, 바위와 돌멩이, 시간과 노동이 만나 생긴 달. 


Moon on Rock

A rock, a stone, and a human meet for an hour and a half on Mokseom Island on October 2, 2018.

The artist holds a stone and creates light by drawing a circle on the rock. The light, which briefly disappears when tide comes in, and the moon are submerged the next day. The moon is created by the encounters of rock, stone, time, and labor.



On 2018.10.2, rocks and people met for one and a half hours at Mokseon. For an hour and a half, I took a stone from the rock and drew a circle on the rock to make the light. The next day when the water came in and the moon sank, the light, rocks and pebbles, and moon were there when both time and labor met.

Project Green 2018 
 -Green Body-

 Organized by Art Space Sonahmoo

video&edit by Kim Soonim 20181008
 Arts Council Korea
 Science Walden Center