Site-specific land art, Performance

Site-specific Art

20170910 Moon on Rock _Lavoir Carriere France


Moon on Rock _Lavoir Carriere France work by Kim Soonim 2017 Sep. 10 

GNAP-France 2017


큰 바위와 거기서 떨어져 나온 작은 돌을 서로 문질러 만난 곳에 하늘과 쌍을 이룬 흰 달이 뜬다. 돌과 돌을 잇고, 달을 키우는 것은 작가의 시간, 정성, 노동이다.


Moon on Rock

The white moon rises at the point of divergence between a large rock and a small stone that broke off and rubbed against each other, paring the sky. Through the artist’s time, effort, and labor the stones are connected and the moon ascends.