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20190117귤껍질/  Tangerine Peel


귤껍질 Tangerine Peel

Single Channel video 02:30:00 with Tangerine Peel,

Recorded from 2019 Jan. 11 to 2019 Jan. 17 on Science Cabin UNIST, 2019




귤껍질 Tangerine Peel

_Artist note


귤을 먹었다.

귤껍질을 본다.

2019.1.11 - 17 동안 바라본다.

귤껍질이 선다.

귤껍질도 일어선다.

보이지 않는 공기의 변화와 반응하며 소리없이 움직인다.

– ‘사이언스월든 과일집_과학이 일상이 되는 집’에서 사색..


I ate a tangerine and looked at the peel.

I looked at it from January 11 to 17, 2019. The tangerine peel rose.

The tangerine peel stood up.

It moved without making a sound, reacting to invisible changes in the air.

– Contemplation at the fruit house at Science Walden Project: A House Where Science Becomes Daily Life


video link :

at Science Cabin for Science Walden Project_ Convergence of Science & Art  UNIST 2019