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20150812 물그림_단양 상선암_GNAP



물 그림 Water Drawing

_Artist note


단양팔경 상선암에서, 충주호 밑에 사라진 마을처럼, 기억 속에만 존재하는, 사라진 마을을 돌위에 그리다.

On Sangseonam Rock, one of the Eight Scenic Views of Danyang, I drew a village that had disappeared and thus only existed in memory, like those that disappeared under Chungju Lake.


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물 그림 Water Drawing

Performance at 2015 Aug. 23 on Sangsunam Danyang of South Korea, 2018

2015 GNAP South Korea

2015 글로벌 노마딕아트프로젝트 코리아_상선암, 단양, 한국



Water Drawing
Kim Soonim 20150812

GNAP_Gloval Nomadic Art Project Korea 2015
Snagseonam Rock  Danyang South Korea



I draw the village that disappeared under Chungjuho Lake.

That exists only in our mamory.