performance & video

2014 영은미술관 영상전_Video installation Exhibition_Residency to Move, Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Art, Kwangju, Kyeonggi-do, Korea.
Video installation Exhibition | Residency to Move
                                                                               Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Art
                                                                 Kwangju, Kyeonggi-do, Korea.
                    Section A; Live
                    Section B; Leave
                    Section C; 나는 돌 Na Nun Dol
                    Section D; The Forest of Stayer
                    Section E; Weaving at the Space
                    Section F; Etherial Space
                    Section G
                    Section H; Stolen Window
                    Section I; Roommates
Installation period: 2014.5.28-5.30
Exhibition period: 2014.5.31-6.29
Remove period: 2014.6.30    
by Kim Soonim