Solo Show

Solo Show

20180720 Leaves Leave _ KdMofa 개인전

The Forest of Strayer2018_Leaves Leave

Leaves from the street (just fallen leaves from last night), fine wires, sound from street at early morning of Khundu, motion sensor,
Water Drawing on the floor, 
variable installation on 1/2Space of KdMofa(Khundu Museum of Fine Art), 2018
By Kim Soonim

Exhibition period: 20th July- 12th August 2018 (Monday closed)

흐르는 이들의 숲
어제밤에 떨어진 길 위의 나뭇잎들, 가는철사, 이른아침 길위의 소리, 동작센서, 바닥의 물드로잉
타이페이 관두 미술관 1/2스페이스 가변설치, 2018
작가: 김순임

전시기간: 2018.7.20-2018.8.1237386408_10156555708033256_4841779914828939264_n.jpg