Residency Program

Residency Program

20181019 TAV Artist Talk



Dear all,


We are presenting the first Friday Night Talk of the season at TAV Bamboo Room on October 19(Fri.), 6:30pm-9:00pm. Residency artists of Taipei Artist Village - Kim Soonim (SK), Simone Wierød &Tim Panduro (DK), Yunyu Ayo Shih (TW), Will Pham (UK), Megumi Mochizuki (JP), Moon Yumi (SK) will join us for an evening of merriment.

Visual artist Kim Soonim, her work usually focuses on nature, ordinary, and often overlooked objects. Currently she has her solo exhibition- The Forest of Flowing Lives at Treasure Hill Artist Village. Simone Wierød & Tim Panduro is a Danish artist duo, consists of choreographer and inematographer/electronic musician. They will be exploring the intersection between the conscious choices and actions and those affected by digital algorithms in Taiwan. Interdisciplinary artist Yunyu Ayo Shih, his work has always related closely to the space he situated and explores different appearances of memorial and memory. Will Pham is a British-Chinese/Vietnamese artist engages with issues relating to immigrant intergenerational relationships and development through video and performance. With the technique of Japanese paper-cutting called KIRIE, Megumi Mochizuki pursues the possibility of handicraft through her hands. Korea artist Moon Yumi introduces her body in her art works to throw questions to the world. 


The talk will be conducted by the leader of Open Contemporary Art Center, Lo Shih-Tung, who dedicated to lots of art exchange programs. He is going to lead all the artist to share with you about their work and art philosophy. Welcome to TAV Bamboo Room and join the Friday Night Talk. 

We will have next Friday Night Talk on Fri. October 26, featuring artists Nupur Mathur & Hyojin Yoo (ID & SK), Marcel Reyes-Cortez (UK), Deema Shahin (JO), Yusuke Takeda (JP) and NO!W Across Lab (TW). Don’t miss it! 



第四季的第一場Friday Night Talk於10.19(五),晚上六點半至九點,於台北國際藝術村幽竹廳舉辦,邀請台北國際藝術村的藝術家金順任(韓)、西蒙.威爾拉&提姆.潘杜羅(丹麥)、施昀佑(台)、威爾・范(英)、望月惠(日)、文有美(韓)進行座談。視覺藝術家金順任,作品關注自然與日常生活環境中的平凡物件,個展「生命流動之森」目前於寶藏巖國際藝術村展出;西蒙.威爾拉&提姆.潘杜羅是編舞家與攝影師/電子音樂家所組成的雙人組合,兩人將在台探討人類在數位時代中的行為選擇。跨領域藝術家施昀佑,作品形式隨環境空間變化,創作中經常探索紀念碑和記憶的樣貌;威爾・范以自身越南華人的身分,使用影像和表演關注移民後裔的發展。透過日本傳統紙雕藝術(切り絵),望月惠用雙手追求手工藝的無限可能;南韓藝術家文有美則以自己的身體為創作載體,藉由藝術向世界拋出問題。





● 日期 Dates:2018.10.19(Fri.)

● 時間 Time:

18:30-19:00 茶點時光 Refreshment 

19:00-21:00 Artist Talk+Q&A


● 地點 Venue:台北國際藝術村幽竹廳 Taipei Artist Village Bamboo Room

● 主持人 Moderator:羅仕東 LO Shih-Tung

● 與談人 Speakers:金順任 KIM Soonim、西蒙.威爾拉&提姆.潘杜羅 Simone WIERØD & Tim PANDURO、施昀佑 Yunyu Ayo SHIH、威爾・范 Will PHAM、望月惠 Megumi MOCHIZUKI、文有美 MOON Yumi


● 報名方式 How to enroll:


There is no cost to participate in this event. Places are limited. Please fill out a google form  by Thu., October 18 to reserve your place