Nature Art Workshop

Nature Art Workshop

20180620 KdMofa workshop _Taipei

Kim Soonim's Workshop interwiew in KdMofa




Title: Memory Collection

20 Jun 2018 13:30

Kim Soonim's studio 1/2room on KdMofa





Memory Collection 


Project 1 : 워크샵에 참여한 참여자들은 미술관에 오는 길에 길 위에서 나뭇잎 하나를 주어 옵니다.  가져온 나뭇잎을 보드에 붙이고, 왜 이 잎을 선택했는지, 어떤 점이 마음에 닿았는지 보드에 함께 적어줍니다.

매일 지나치는 주변을 자세히 들여다 보고, 떨어진 잎에 마음을 담아, 자신을 들여다보는 작업입니다.

Participants in the workshop will have a leaf on their way to the museum. Put the leaves on the board in the way you like, and write on the board together why you chose this leaf and what point of leaf you liked.

It is a task to look closely at everyday life and the surrounding area of you, to put your thinking on a leaf, to look at yourself.


Project 2: 참여자가 가져오신 보자기에 대한 이야기를 들려주시고, 작가는 참여자의 얼굴의 정면과 좌우 측면, 뒷면 등을 촬영합니다.

한 분 씩 촬영 하면서 아래 질문을 구두로 진행합니다. 인터뷰는 영상으로 촬영됩니다. 인터뷰가 끝나면, 설문지에 간략히 적어 주시면, 번역하는데 도움이 될 것 같습니다.

작가는 참여자의 얼굴과 기억을 수집하고, 이를 향후에 <The People>이나, <Cotton Drawing> 시리즈로 표현합니다. 계속 지켜봐 주시기 바랍니다.

The participant tells the story about the wrapping cloth(Bojaki 包袱

) brought by the participant, and the artist take picture front, left and right sides and back of the participant's face.

Artist will interview participant while taking pictures and all process will record on video. After interview, please give a brief description of the questionnaire and it will help you to translate it.

Kim Soonim collects the participants' faces and memories, and expresses them in future to <The People> or <Cotton Drwing> series. Please Keep watching. Thanks



* Participant Preparation


1. 집에서 사용하지 않는 보자기 하나를 들고 오세요.. 보자기가 없을 경우, 더이상 입지 않는 자신의 옷을 가져 오셔도 됩니다.

Come workshop with a wrapping cloth that you do not use.

If you do not have a wrapping cloth, you can bring your own old clothes that you do not wear anymore.


2. 미술관에 오는 길에 길에서 나뭇잎 하나를 주어 오세요            




The leaves are from TNUA. The roads of the campus are full of fallen leaves. When you pick it up and take a closer look, you can see the withered and yellow, the spot, even the bite scar the bugs leaves. It preserves the process of the time passing. It naturally reveals the beauty of the life of the leaves.



A leaf 

Falling from the woods 

Up and down      

Like it usually does 

They do not rush for the first

I just love you 

Quiet and calm 



It is not perfect. It has it’s flaws. It is Just like the appearance of the leaf. It looks prefect but it has a stalk that is almost going to break and the bugs’ bite scar .


This seed makes me feel hopeful again. It’s smooth outlook and it’s special shape make me feel like there is no such thing that is impossible. 




This the leaves I picked up this morning while l am exercising on the bike pathway. It is for the use of the cooperation of the Korean artist 金順任 and KDMOFA. The leaves are 香楓葉, Bodhi leaves , Eucalyptus leaves and 橄仁葉。

香楓葉 changes it’s color in fall. It turn from green to yellow and from yellow to red.  Bodhi’s leaves have special shape. Eucalyptus leaves can be seen everywhere in Taiwan. Some people say that 橄仁葉 can be use as medicine. We use these leaves for creating art instead. 



As a TNUA postgraduate, leaf is a living track we can see everywhere. It is an approachable genie of nature. In this art work, I chose the red leaves from the artist’s workshop. They make me think of the color of a Phoenix. The sway of the red leaves falling from the sky is as if the Phoenix’s tail wing when it is flying. It becomes fire or it becomes a part of the four season. They are both pure and wonderful. 



The memory of the volleyball court. 










 photo by Lin Huan-Hua & Kim Soonim