The Space

The Space

The Seat with a cherry tree; The Space 64- Hiki Hill Japan


The Seat with a cherry tree; The Space 64-Hiki Hill Japan

2014 Hiki Festival IOE(International Openair Expresstion)

on TDU (Tokyo Denki Univ.)

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I met a cherry tree on Hiki hill.
We live together for 7 days and I follow her roots when I stey with her.
The line of roots follow water road and sun light and I realise her brench also follow that line.
I took stones from that line between tree and me. It become a small stone wall.
The stone wall is too low to protect tree but it can be show how the life of cherry tree is holy, great, beautiful and powerful.
You will also find stones what use to hide under the surface. The stones will tell you story of this place as same time.
20141130 Kim Soonim on Hiki Hill

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April 2015 Hiki Japan/ photo by Iwaki san